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    Self-other contingencies: enacting social perception [1]
    Self-rated walking pace and all-cause, cardiovascular disease, and cancer mortality: Individual participant pooled analysis of 50,225 walkers from 11 population British cohorts (Pre-published version) [1]
    Seminary formation [1]
    Sending gossoons to be made oul mollies of: Rule 127(b) and the feminisation of teaching in Ireland [1]
    Seoirse Mac Tomáis agus Ollscoil na nDaoine [1]
    The service of a different kingdom: child sexual abuse and the response of the church [1]
    Session 1: Public health nutrition physical activity prescription for public health [1]
    Setting up Margins: Public Attitudes and Media Construction of Poverty and Exclusion in Ireland [1]
    Sex in the civitas: early Irish Intellectuals and their vision of women (pre-print version) [1]
    A Shabby Old Couple: The Ekphrastic Imperative in the Work of Seamus Heaney [1]
    Shaping public policy: Is there a place for values-led debate and discourse in the public sphere? [1]
    Shared services across local government – sharing international experiences [1]
    Sic Gloria Transit Mundi: Changes in faith practice over time as evidenced from the EVS data, 1981-2008 [1]
    Signposts: a resource pack for teachers [1]
    Situated agency: the normative medium of human action [1]
    Small corpora and pragmatics (Pre-published version) [1]
    The smallholder initiative: good practice guidelines [1]
    Smuggling Zebras for Lunch: Media framing of asylum seekers in the Irish print media. [1]
    So as not to despise God's grace: re-assessing Rahner's idea of the "anonymous Christian" [1]
    Social housing, community development and the integration of immigrant communities: emerging challenges. [1]