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    10 ways to encourage beginning reading in an Emirati home [1]
    150 minutes per week or 30 minutes on 5 days? The effect of brief advice about physical activity recommendations on moderate-to-vigorous activity of inactive adults [1]
    The 1798 Rebellion in North Leinster [1]
    The 4th Earl of Dunraven, 1841–1926: a study of his contribution to the emerging Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century [1]
    An 8-week randomized controlled trial on the effects of brisk walking, and brisk walking with abdominal electrical muscle stimulation on anthropometric, body composition, and self-perception measures in sedentary adult women [1]
    Abusers, Beasts and Child Molesters: The ABCs of constructing sexual abuse in the Irish print media. [1]
    Accused but Innocent-What should a priest do. [1]
    Achieving Equity of Access to Higher Education in Ireland, The case for Travellers [1]
    Active travel to school and physical activity levels of Irish primary school children [1]
    Acute Responses of Inflammatory Markers of Cardiovascular Disease Risk to a Single Walking Session [1]
    Adaptation of English Literature Texts in the Context of the Junior Certificate: A Student-Centred and Theoretical Interrogation. [1]
    Agallamh le Alan de Stac (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Amy Ni Bháile (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Angela Ní Fháthartha (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Ann Craven (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Ann Guiltenane (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Ann Roddy (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Anne Moran (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Anthony Ryan (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Bean Uí Cáit Chreimin (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]