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    Cad a spreagann rogha laethúil teanga sa Ghaeltacht: anailís ar an rogha teanga i nGaeltacht na nDéise [1]
    Can English provide a framework for Spanish response tokens? (Pre-published version) [1]
    Can technology offer a solution to providing large numbers of students with effective assessment feedback? An invitation to create and join a network of critical friends to provide feedback on feedback [1]
    Can we still love and serve the church? [1]
    Canadian Multicultural Models: Lessons for Northern Ireland? [1]
    Caring for clergy offenders [1]
    Case Study 3: South Kerry Development Partnership [1]
    A case study approach to the language status, motivation and attitude in both an immersion and non-immersion setting at Primary Level in Ireland. [1]
    Catholic Theology in the Thirteenth Century and the Origins of Secularism [1]
    Celebrating 25 years of educational partnership - what have we learned? [1]
    Celtic Monasticism- A Disciplines's Search for Romance? [1]
    Celts, Romans and the Coligny Calendar. [1]
    A century of trends in adult human height [1]
    The challenges facing pre-service education: Addressing the issue of mathematics subject matter knowledge among prospective primary teachers [1]
    The challenges that face the primary school teacher in coping with grief and loss in a multicultural setting [1]
    Challenging, Confronting and Choosing "New Appraisal" in Initial Teacher Education in the Primary Sector in the Republic of Ireland [1]
    Change and Decay in all Around I See: Changing Patterns of Religious Faith and Practice in Ireland, 1981-2008 [1]
    The Changing Nature of Christianity and Religious Values across Europe: An empirical analysis drawing on the data of the European Values Study [1]
    Childcare regulations: regulatory enforcement in Ireland. What happens when the inspector calls? (Pre-published version) [1]
    Childhood interrupted: a story of loss, separation, and reconciliation (Pre-published version) [1]