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    I will give you shepherds: The formation of priests. [1]
    Ideas for dance with third and fourth classes [1]
    Identifying the mystery player: Comparing body measurement data of the Irish soccer and rugby teams [1]
    Images and icons: female teachers' representations of self and self-control in 1920s Ireland [1]
    Imagi-nation in Brendan Kennelly's "Cromwell" [1]
    IMPACT maths programme [1]
    Implementing formative assessment in primary physical education: teacher perspectives and experiences (Pre-published version) [1]
    Implications of TRIPs for food security in the majority world [1]
    The importance of including the child’s voice in the transition process: signposts from a national evaluation of concepts of school readiness in Ireland (Pre-published version) [1]
    Important first steps: Innovation and primary education (Pre-published version) [1]
    In between the lines of the Primary language curriculum: teacher involvement in the process of curriculum change [1]
    In my reading classroom…Emirati student teachers constructing teaching styles in the college classroom (Pre-published version) [1]
    In the image of God: the Trinitarian anthropology of St Bonaventure, St Thomas Aquinas and the Blessed Jan Van Ruusbroec part II [1]
    In the know? media, migration and public beliefs [1]
    In Vidocq's footsteps [1]
    In whose image? Cultivating creativity in a culture of compliance [1]
    IN-SIGHT EPA/ERTDI Project # 2002-W-LS/7 Work Package (WP) 3 (months 21-36) [1]
    Incredible years Limerick : final evaluation report [1]
    Independent parameters for special instanton bundles on P^{2n+1} (Pre-published Version) [1]
    Indexing distributions of data: preservice teachers’ notions of representativeness (Pre-published version) [1]