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    Of Bishops and Priests. [1]
    Off-balance: the integration of physical education content learning and Irish language learning in English-medium primary schools in Ireland [1]
    Ogam Stones in Sligo and their Context [1]
    Old Irish for archaeologists - an interdisciplinary perspective. [1]
    On a relative Fourier-Mukai transform on genus one fibrations [1]
    On moduli stacks of G-bundles over a curve (Pre-published version) [1]
    On Proclaiming Sound Doctrine: A Theology of Method [1]
    On semistable vector bundles over curves (Pre-published version) [1]
    Once upon an ideology: exploring the ideologies and identities of female figures through a selection of classic and contemporary fairy tales [1]
    Oral history, oral tradition and the Great Famine (Pre-published version) [1]
    Organizing Stories: making public the power of story [1]
    Outside in the theory machine: Ireland in the world of post-colonial studies [1]
    Outside-In: Music, New Media and Tradition in North Africa. [1]
    Ó' Brúdáin [1]
    Óenach Tailten, the Blackwater Valley and the Uí Néill kings of Tara. [1]
    Pagan monuments and Christian legal centres in early Meath. [1]
    Painful decisions: an exploration of pain assessment (from the perspective of others) within a signal detection theory framework [1]
    The palaeolimnology of Lough Murree, a brackish lake in The Burren, Ireland [1]
    Pandora and the Construction of Memory in Film. [1]
    Paper based upon the PLÉ submission to the consultation on the DES statement of strategy 2016 – 2018 [1]