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    A quantitative and qualitative inquiry into the relationship between self-esteem and coping processes of university students [1]
    The Question of Irish Identity in the Writings of W. B. Yeats and James Joyce [1]
    Race,Nation and Empire in the Irish Music of Sir Charles Villiers Stanford [1]
    Rahner's “Tough Love” for the Church – Structural Change in the Church as Task and Opportunity’ [1]
    Rannta Traidisiúta:(7)Chuaigh an Mhicín Seo ar an Aonach, (8) Aon Dó, Muc ís Bó, (15) Ag Iarraidh Dul a Chodladh. [1]
    Rationality and Poincaré Families for Vector Bundles with Extra Structure on a Curve(Pre-Published Version) [1]
    Reaching student voice through the arts - insights from a transition year classroom [1]
    Read Aloud Experiences in a Second Language Arabic Context: Effects upon Vocabulary Acquisition [1]
    Recharging the Canon: Towards a Literary Redefinition of Irishness [1]
    The reclamation of the Shannon Estuary inter-tidal flats: A case study of the Clare Slobland Reclamation Company. [1]
    Rediscovering our Regions [1]
    Reflections, Misrecognitions, Messianisms and Identifications: Towards an Epistemology of Irish Nationalism [1]
    Regional and Local Development in Ireland – the Potential of LEADER Partnerships to provide Municipal Government. [1]
    Regionalisation and the Geography of Poverty [1]
    Reimagining Tolkien: A Post-colonial Perspective on The Lord of the Rings. [1]
    Religion, values, and secularization in Europe: a multilevel. cross-national, comparative analysis of the European Values Study Data [1]
    Religious Education and the Public Sphere [1]
    Remembering the Creameries (Pre-Published Version) [1]
    Report of Dormant Accounts funded scheme to enable DEIS schools in Limerick city to maximise community use of premises and facilities [1]
    Report on Educational Provisional for children with Down syndrome in mainstream primary schools in Limerick City and County [1]