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    Race, nation and empire in the Irish music of Sir Charles Villiers Stanford [1]
    Rahner's “tough love” for the church – structural change in the church as task and opportunity [1]
    Rannta traidisiúta:(7) chuaigh an mhicín seo ar an aonach, (8) aon dó, muc ís bó, (15) ag iarraidh dul a chodladh [1]
    Rationality and Poincaré families for vector bundles with extra structure on a curve (Pre-published version) [1]
    Reaching student voice through the arts - insights from a transition year classroom [1]
    Read aloud experiences in a second language Arabic context: effects upon vocabulary acquisition (Pre-published version) [1]
    Reading more deeply into EAL! [1]
    Recharging the Canon: Towards a Literary Redefinition of Irishness [1]
    The reclamation of the Shannon Estuary inter-tidal flats: A case study of the Clare Slobland Reclamation Company. [1]
    Rediscovering our Regions [1]
    Reflections on (of) nationalism [1]
    Reflections on the introduction of an early childhood education and care apprenticeship model (Pre-publication version) [1]
    Reflections, Misrecognitions, Messianisms and Identifications: Towards an Epistemology of Irish Nationalism [1]
    Regional and local development in Ireland – the potential of LEADER partnerships to provide municipal government [1]
    Regionalisation and the Geography of Poverty [1]
    Regulatory disclosure and the Irish financial services ombudsman (Pre-published version) [1]
    Reimagining Tolkien: a post-colonial perspective on the lord of the rings [1]
    Reinventing Ireland through a French prism (Pre-published version) [1]
    Reinventing Ireland: culture, society and the global economy by Peadar Kirby, Luke Gibbons and Michael Cronin [1]
    Relationships between mental toughness and psychological wellbeing in undergraduate students (Pre-published version) [1]