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    Bedford Row Family Project: Holding the Suffering [1]
    Bedford Row Family Project: Holding the Suffering Summary Report [1]
    Challenging, Confronting and Choosing "New Appraisal" in Initial Teacher Education in the Primary Sector in the Republic of Ireland [1]
    Changes in roles and relationships in a school-university partnership [1]
    Childhood interrupted: a story of loss, separation, and reconciliation (Pre-published version) [1]
    Children negotiating their own beliefs: The religious education of young children in families in the Republic of Ireland (Pre-published version) [1]
    Classroom teaching and formation: developing educational partnership [1]
    Conversation: A key to relationship for action [1]
    Daring to be creative: Divine creation as a blueprint for human creativity (Pre-published version) [1]
    Developing reciprocal support among families, communities and schools: the Irish experience [1]
    Diversity in early years education North and South: Implications for teacher education [1]
    Early Childhood Discourse: Problematising some Conceptual issues in Statutory Frameworks. [1]
    Embracing change: The remodelling of Irish Catholic primary schools in the 21st century (pre-published version) [1]
    Evaluation of the Doodle Families Literacy Programme Pilot, Dublin: Childhood Development Initiative [1]
    Exploring the spiritual dimension of the school curriculum (Pre-published version) [1]
    Foundations of Catholic Religious Education in an Intercultural Europe: Introduction.(Pre-Published Version) [1]
    Gender and Religious Education in the Primary Classroom. [1]
    God in the ‘bits and pieces of everyday’ – sacred objects and human encounter with the divine. [1]
    The home-school-community liaison (HSCL) scheme: summary evaluation report [1]
    Home-school-community liaison scheme: final evaluation report [1]