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    An 8-week randomized controlled trial on the effects of brisk walking, and brisk walking with abdominal electrical muscle stimulation on anthropometric, body composition, and self-perception measures in sedentary adult women [1]
    Active travel to school and physical activity levels of Irish primary school children [1]
    Acute responses of inflammatory markers of cardiovascular disease risk to a single walking session [1]
    An autoethnographic inquiry into the role of serendipity in becoming a teacher educator/ researcher [1]
    Bizzy break! The effect of a classroom-based activity break on in-school physical activity levels of primary school children (Pre-published version) [1]
    A century of trends in adult human height [1]
    Contribution of primary school physical education class to daily moderate-vigorous physical activity (Pre-published version) [1]
    The effect of a worksite based walking programme on cardiovascular risk in previously sedentary civil servants [1]
    The effects of 60 minutes of brisk walking per week, accumulated in two different patterns, on cardiovascular risk [1]
    Estimates of the number of people in England who attain or exceed vigorous intensity exercise by walking at 3 mph [1]
    Flying the ‘Active School Flag’: physical activity promotion through self-evaluation in primary schools in Ireland [1]
    “The habits of history”: a research-based play script [1]
    Irish Education Policy for a Globalised World: A Policy for Chasing Black & White Swans [1]
    Irish primary school teachers' experiences with Sport Education [1]
    Knowing the Score: Local Authorities and Music. [1]
    Mapping the context: insights and issues from local government development of music communities. [1]
    Off-balance: the integration of physical education content learning and Irish language learning in English-medium primary schools in Ireland [1]
    Physical activity, ageing and health [1]
    Playtime: the needs of very young learners in physical education and sport [1]
    Prevalence and correlates of physical inactivity in community-dwelling older adults in Ireland [1]