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    Algebraic dimension of twistor spaces whose fundamental system is a pencil (pre-published version) [1]
    Analytic moduli spaces of simple sheaves on families of integral curves (Pre-print version) [1]
    Anomalies of the magnitude of the bias of the maximum likelihood estimator of the regression slope [1]
    The Belavin-Drinfeld theorem on non-degenerate solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation [1]
    The Boden-Hu conjecture holds precisely up to rank eight (Pre-published version) [1]
    The Brauer group of moduli spaces of vector bundles over a real curve [1]
    Derived categories of irreducible projective curves of arithmetic genus one [1]
    Einstein-Hermitian connection on twisted Higgs bundles (Pre-published Version) [1]
    Elliptic curves – an introduction [1]
    Existence of twistor spaces of algebraic dimension two over the connected sum of four complex projective planes [1]
    Generalized vector bundles on curves (Pre-published version) [1]
    Geometric view of measurement errors [1]
    Homological algebra with locally compact abelian groups (Pre-published Version) [1]
    Independent parameters for special instanton bundles on P^{2n+1} (Pre-published Version) [1]
    An investigation of the performance of five different estimators in the measurement error regression model [1]
    Ireland's participation in the 50th international mathematical olympiad [1]
    The line on moduli stacks of principal bundles on a curve [1]
    Minimizing oblique errors for robust estimating [1]
    Mitigating collinearity in linear regression models using ridge, surrogate and raised estimators [1]
    Moduli schemes of generically simple Azumaya modules [1]