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    • Generalized vector bundles on curves (Pre-published version) 

      Hoffmann, Norbert; Stuhler, Ulrich; Jahnel, Joerg (de Gruyter, 1998)
      In their paper [14] G. Harder and M.S. Narasimhan (and independently D. Quillen) have constructed a canonical flag of subbundles on any vector bundle on a complete smooth algebraic curve over a field. This flag measures ...
    • Moduli schemes of generically simple Azumaya modules 

      Hoffmann, Norbert; Stuhler, Ulrich (Documenta Mathematica, 2005)
      Let A be an Azumaya algebra over a smooth projective variety X or more generally, a torsion free coherent sheaf of algebras over X whose generic fiber is a central simple algebra. We show that generically simple torsion ...