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    Balanced Regional Development Polycentrism and the Urban System of the West of Ireland. [1]
    Bedford Row Family Project: Holding the Suffering [1]
    Bedford Row Family Project: Holding the Suffering Summary Report [1]
    Being 'Good' fans in 'Bad Times':Irish fans of the US television drama The West Wing and the reflexive negotiation of personal and collective identity at a time of political and social crisis [1]
    Being teachers, being women, being human: critically re-storying teacher praxis in selected DEIS schools in Ireland, 2013-2015 [1]
    Benefit of social support for resilience-building is contingent on social context: Examining cardiovascular adaptation to recurrent stress in women [1]
    The bishop’s role of pastoral governance: its interpretation and reception by the Magisterium since Vatican II [1]
    Blind, Deaf & Dumb: The Media, the Middle-Class and the Construction of Poverty [1]
    Bloomsday and Arthur’s Day – Secular Sacraments as Symbolic and Cultural Capital [1]
    'The Boat has Moved': The Catholic Church, Conflations and the Need for Critique [1]
    The Boden-Hu conjecture holds precisely up to rank eight(Pre-Published version) [1]
    The Body as Ethical Synecdoche in the Writing of Seamus Heaney [1]
    The Body Politic: The Ethics of Responsibility and the Responsibility of Ethics [1]
    Book review of: Mary C. Kelly (2005), The Shamrock and the Lily: The New York Irish and the Creation of a Transatlantic Identity, 1845-1921.(Pre-Published Version) [1]
    The Brauer Group of Moduli Spaces of Vector Bundles over a Real Curve [1]
    Brigid, Patrick, and the Kings of Kildare, A.D. 640-850. [1]
    Building Irish Identity in America 1870-1915. [1]
    Building the Ark [1]
    Can we still love and serve the church? [1]
    Canadian Multicultural Models: Lessons for Northern Ireland? [1]