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    The dance of joy: Nietzsche’s metaphysics of becoming & tragic wisdom. [1]
    Dantean returns in the works of Thomas Stearns Eliot, Eugenio Montale, and Seamus Heaney [1]
    Daring to Hope? [1]
    Dating Irish Grave Slabs: The Evidence of the Annals. [1]
    Decommissioning the Canon: Towards a Deconstruction of the Givens of the Literary Canon [1]
    Deconstructing Media Reports of Sexual Abuse: An Analysis of Framing in Irish Print Media Coverage of Sexual Abuse 1993-2002.(Pre-Published Version) [1]
    Deconstructive journalism: the influences of Jacques Derrida and Edward Said on the thought and writing of Robert Fisk [1]
    Defining Gothic-postmodernism. [1]
    Defying Descartes: Michael Moore (1639-1726) and Aristotelianism in Ireland and France [1]
    Delineating Functional Territories on the Island of Ireland : An Initial Scoping. [1]
    Depraved Paedos and Other Beasts: The Media Portrayal of Child Sexual Abusers in Ireland and the UK [1]
    Der Glaube steht auf dem Spiel: Die Kirche in Ireland muss aus dem Missbrauchsskandal lernen [1]
    Derived categories of irreducible projective curves of arithmetic genus one [1]
    Derrida, Heaney, Yeats and the Hauntological Redefinition of Irishness [1]
    The Development of Internationalisation Policy in UK Higher Education [1]
    An Diabhal I mBéoideas na hÉireann [1]
    Diaspora and Rootedness, Amateurism and Professionalism in Media Discourses of Irish Soccer and Rugby in the 1990s and 2000s [1]
    Die blinde Göttin - Nachwort [1]
    Different from their Elders & Betters: Age cohort differences in the Irish data of the EVS. [1]
    A Displaced Intelligentsia: Aspects of Irish Catholic Thought in Ancien Régime France [1]