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    Gaeltacht Uíbh Ráthaigh – Prófíl Dhéimeagrafach agus Socheacnamaíochta Socio-Economic and Demographic Profile [1]
    Gender and Religious Education in the Primary Classroom. [1]
    Geographical mobility Family impacts [1]
    Geometric View of Measurement Errors [1]
    Geomorphological Observations on Bold Moss Tip, St Helens, Lancashire [1]
    'A God Embarrassed at the Prospect of Possession':Exploring Divine Revelation [1]
    God in the ‘bits and pieces of everyday’ – sacred objects and human encounter with the divine. [1]
    The gods of Newgrange in Irish literature & Romano-Celtic tradition. [1]
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Media Coverage of Scandals in the Catholic Church in Ireland [1]
    Gothic ‘Un-representations’ of Terror in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse -5. [1]
    The Gothic-postmodernist ‘Waste Land’ of Ellowen Deeowen: Salman Rushdie’s Nightmarish Visions of a Postmodern Metropolis. [1]
    The gravity of oppositions: the life and art of Thomas Hardy [1]
    Guests (Geists) of a Nation: A Heimlich (Unheimlich) Maneuver [1]
    Gute und schlechte Nachrichten. Die Kirche in Irland nach einem schwierigen Jahrzehnt. [1]
    “The Habits of History”: A Research-Based Play Script [1]
    Hegemony Disguised: How discourse analysis is inadequate in the disclosure of the real locus of social control. [1]
    Help for priests. [1]
    Historical Perspective: What are Corpora and How have they Evolved?(Pre-Published Version) [1]
    Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction in Galway Bay, a shallow coastal embayment along Ireland’s North-East Atlantic margin [1]
    Holy Thursday:Deepening our Appreciation for Eucharist. [1]