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    Gable-ends and Che Guevara: political murals and postcolonial ethics [1]
    Gaeltacht uíbh ráthaigh – prófíl dhéimeagrafach agus socheacnamaíochta socio-economic and demographic profile [1]
    Gender and Religious Education in the Primary Classroom. [1]
    Generalized vector bundles on curves (Pre-published version) [1]
    The genesis of the Hunter Figure: A study of the dialectic between the biographical and the aesthetic in the early writings of Hunter S. Thompson [1]
    Geographical mobility family impacts [1]
    Geometric growing patterns: what’s the rule? [1]
    Geometric view of measurement errors [1]
    Geomorphological Observations on Bold Moss Tip, St Helens, Lancashire [1]
    George Bernard Shaw: Irish to the core [1]
    Getting the balance right: the equals sign [1]
    Gifted students’ understanding of statistics: analysis of data arising from a small group teaching experiment [1]
    The Gnawa of Oujda: music at the margins in Morocco [1]
    'A God embarrassed at the prospect of possession': exploring divine revelation [1]
    God in the workplace - challenges for third-level chaplaincy [1]
    God in the ‘bits and pieces of everyday’ – sacred objects and human encounter with the divine. [1]
    The gods of Newgrange in Irish literature & Romano-Celtic tradition [1]
    ‘The golden calf’: Irish crime and the deconstruction of Irish society (Pre-print version) [1]
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Media Coverage of Scandals in the Catholic Church in Ireland [1]
    Gothic ‘Un-representations’ of Terror in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse -5. [1]