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    Paddy le Carpenter and surname formation in the mid-west [1]
    Pagan monuments and Christian legal centres in early Meath [1]
    Painful decisions: an exploration of pain assessment (from the perspective of others) within a signal detection theory framework [1]
    The palaeolimnology of Lough Murree, a brackish lake in The Burren, Ireland [1]
    Pandora and the Construction of Memory in Film. [1]
    Paper based upon the PLÉ submission to the consultation on the DES statement of strategy 2016 – 2018 [1]
    Passages in Time Traversed, Passages in Text Unwritten: A Theoretical Approach to Martin Amis's Time's Arrow [1]
    Passion and Arrogance: Poetic Craft and Topographies of Remembrance in the Work of Michael Hartnett [1]
    Past, current and future interactions between pressures, chemical status and biological quality elements for lakes in contrasting catchments in Ireland (ILLUMINATE) [1]
    The Pastoral Area: Pointers Towards a Theological Rationale. [1]
    Pastors or Predators: A case study of clergy representation in two nations [1]
    A path analysis of the relationship among critical motivational variables and achievement in reform-oriented mathematics curriculum [1]
    The path to self-knowledge [1]
    Patrick O'Kelly and the Interpretation of the 1798 Rebellion in County Kildare [1]
    Patrick’s conversion of Ireland to Christianity and the establishment of Armagh [1]
    Peasants into patriots: instruments of radical politicisation in Clare 1800-1907 [1]
    Pedagogical approaches to promote meaningful participation in Primary physical education [1]
    Perceptions of coach–athlete relationship are more important to coaches than athletes in predicting dyadic coping and stress appraisals: an actor–partner independence mediation model [1]
    Perceptual modalities: modes of presentation or modes of interaction? [1]
    Performing the fractured puppet self : employing auto-ethnopuppetry to portray and challenge cultural and personal constructions of the disabled body [1]