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    Pagan monuments and Christian legal centres in early Meath. [1]
    Painful Decisions: An exploration of pain assessment (from the perspective of others) within a Signal Detection Theory framework. [1]
    Pandora and the Construction of Memory in Film. [1]
    Passages in Time Traversed, Passages in Text Unwritten: A Theoretical Approach to Martin Amis's Time's Arrow [1]
    Passion and Arrogance: Poetic Craft and Topographies of Remembrance in the Work of Michael Hartnett [1]
    The Pastoral Area: Pointers Towards a Theological Rationale. [1]
    Pastors or Predators: A case study of clergy representation in two nations [1]
    Patrick O'Kelly and the Interpretation of the 1798 Rebellion in County Kildare [1]
    Patrick’s conversion of Ireland to Christianity and the establishment of Armagh. [1]
    Peasants into patriots: instruments of radical politicisation in Clare 1800-1907 [1]
    Pedagogical approaches to promote meaningful participation in Primary physical education [1]
    Perceptual Modalities: Modes of Presentation or Modes of Interaction? [1]
    Perverts, Press and Public Policy: How the print media represent sexual crime in Ireland and the UK [1]
    The Pharmaceutical Industry and the World Trade Organisation's TRIPs Agreement: Intellectual property, global governance and health [1]
    Phenomenology in laboratory-based tasks: exploring methodologies that integrate experiential reports with behavioural measures in psychological research [1]
    The Philistines as Scapegoats: Narratives and Myths in the Invention of Ancient Israel and Modern Critical Theory [1]
    A philosophical investigation into coercive psychiatric practices(Volume 1 & 2) [1]
    The Picard Group of a Coarse Moduli Space of Vector Bundles in Positive Characteristic(Pre- Published Version) [1]
    Pirates of the Mediterranean : Moroccan Music Video and Technology. [1]
    The Place of Writing: Place, Poetry, Politics in the Writing of Seamus Heaney [1]