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    Under Construction: Gender and the Representation of Prostitutes in Expressionism [1]
    Undergraduate academic writing: an analysis of errors and weaknesses in syntax, lexis, style and structure [1]
    Understanding the knowledge demands of teaching statistics: insights gained from examining practice [1]
    ‘An undervalued, under-appreciated profession, long hours, hard work, poor pay’. A study of the professional identity of BA ECCE graduates [1]
    Une Seconde Patrie’: The Irish Colleges, Paris, in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries [1]
    Unequal at birth: inequalities in the occurrence of low birthweight babies in Ireland [1]
    University education [1]
    Unreasonable expectation: the dilemma for pedagogues in delivering policy objectives [1]
    Untangling the knots – [k]not easy: professional identity in the early childhood care and education sector [1]
    Urban specialisation complementarity and spatial development strategies on the island of Ireland. [1]
    Urban Systems [1]
    The urbanization of the body: prostitutes, dialectics, and utopia in German expressionism [1]
    The use of a distal-to-tactile sensory substitution interface does not lead to extension of body image [1]
    The use of Multinomial Logit Analysis to Model the Choice of Time to Travel. [1]
    Using a corpus to look at variational pragmatics: response tokens in British and Irish discourse [1]
    Using a simulation to explore the law of large numbers [1]
    Using architecture as a context to enhance students’ understanding of symmetry [1]
    Using electronic books to engage young readers [1]
    Using lake sediment records to examine recent productivity in Lough Gur, Co. Limerick [1]
    Using language corpora in initial teacher education: pedagogic issues and practical applications (Re-printed version) [1]