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    • Collaborative digital learning in schools: teacher perceptions of purpose and effectiveness 

      Quirke-Bolt, Nigel; Austin, Roger; Smyth, Jane; Rickard, Angela; Metcalfe, Nigel (Routledge, 2010)
      Research on the place of digital collaborative learning in schools has established its extensive use for the provision of online courses (Stevens, 2007), for learning within schools (Orech, 2009) and as a means of promoting ...
    • Dissolving boundaries through technology in education: making a difference with ICT 

      Quirke-Bolt, Nigel; Rickard, Angela; Metcalfe, Nigel; Austin, Roger; Smyth, Jane; Mallon, Marie (Ablex Publishing Corporation, 2008)
      A total of 320 schools have participated in the Dissolving Boundaries programme since its launch in 1999. The number of schools involved increased from 146 in 2006-7 to 170 in 2007-8. All schools in Northern Ireland continue ...
    • Dissolving boundaries: building communities of practice 

      Austin, Roger; Mallon, Marie; Rickard, Angela; Metcalfe, Nigel; Quirke-Bolt, Nigel (Ablex Publishing Corporation, 2006)
      Dr. Roger Austin and Dr. Aidan Mulkeen in 1999 identified the opportunity that the growth of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) presented to schools and founded the Dissolving Boundaries programme from an ...