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    • Aristotle on efficient and final causes in Plato (Pre published) 

      Vázquez, Daniel (2022-11-09)
      In Metaphysics A 6, Aristotle claims that Plato only recognises formal and material causes. Yet, in various dialogues, Plato seems to use and distinguish efficient and final causes too. Consequently, Harold Cherniss accuses ...
    • Getting younger (Pre published) 

      Vázquez, Daniel (2022-11-09)
      I argue that in Plato’s Parmenides 141a6-c4, things in time come to be simultaneously older and younger than themselves because a thing’s past and present selves are equally real. As a result, whatever temporal relation ...
    • The last natural philosophers in the Phaedo (Pre published) 

      Vázquez, Daniel (2022-11-08)
      This paper examines the possible sources of the two theories introduced by Plato in Phaedo 99b2-c6. First, it shows that the theories belong to people who remain unpersuaded by the teleology introduced by Socrates (Phaedo ...