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    An assessment of algal biodiversity and water quality in Loughs Atedaun, Cullaun and Inchiquin, three lakes on the river Fergus. [1]
    Audio production in youth work: an international comparative case study between Irish and South African community radio stations [1]
    Civil society participation volunteerism - A geographical analysis [1]
    Construction of TP quantitative models based on diatoms and cladocera for the Irish ecoregion using palaeolimnological techniques [1]
    Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction in Galway Bay, a shallow coastal embayment along Ireland’s North-East Atlantic margin [1]
    Late Quaternary palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Ionian Sea in the eastern Mediterranean. [1]
    Local government and local economic development: perceptions and experiences of the Local Government (Reform) Act 2014 [1]
    My school, your school, our school: celebrating the transformation of a primary school into a community learning centre, 1985-2005 [1]
    Neo- and palaeolimnological investigations in a humic and a clear water lake in the west of Ireland [1]
    Planktonic foraminiferal response to the Last Glacial Termination and their application to Holocene biostratigraphy in the western Mediterranean sea [1]
    The possibility of love: an inter-disciplinary analysis [1]
    Public Health & Housing in Limerick City 1850 -1935 - A Geographical Analysis [1]
    Rural restructuring and rural in-migration patterns in Ireland [1]
    A spatial analysis of the suppliers of nature based tourism in Ireland, insights into the provision of walking tourism on the Sheep’s Head Peninsula, Co. Cork. [1]
    Using lake sediment records to examine recent productivity in Lough Gur, Co. Limerick [1]