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    Autonomy in education and implications for the institution and the subject. [1]
    Being teachers, being women, being human: critically re-storying teacher praxis in selected DEIS schools in Ireland, 2013-2015 [1]
    The challenges that face the primary school teacher in coping with grief and loss in a multicultural setting [1]
    A critical (auto) ethnographic study of deaf people's experience of education and culture in Ireland. [1]
    Educating religiously toward a public spirituality [1]
    Educational disadvantage in Limerick: the socio-economic and spatial context [1]
    An embedded case study of how knowledge, competences and skills are acquired through coaching, mentoring and training for leadership at an Adult Education Centre in Ireland [1]
    An ethnography exploring how hegemony and power mediate agency and structure among a group of 6th year Irish girls in a middle-class Post-Primary school [1]
    An examination of adult access in higher education in Ireland: policy and practice [1]
    Human rights education: reflections on theory and practice [1]
    Male primary teachers' understandings of masculinities and their impact on their lives [1]
    North-South educational partnership, a critical analysis: an Ireland, Uganda, Lesotho and Zambia case study [1]
    Primary school pupils’ life skills development the case for primary school pupils development in Uganda [1]
    Public housing in Limerick City: a profile of tenants and estates [1]
    A quantitative and qualitative inquiry into the relationship between self-esteem and coping processes of university students [1]