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    'If you're doubting yourself then, what's the fun in that?' an exploration of why prospective secondary mathematics teachers perceive statistics as difficult [1]
    Budding architects: Exploring the designs of pyramids and prisms [1]
    The design space of student learning: Who is accountable and accountable for what? (Pre-published version) [1]
    Exploring probability concepts using a mini games environment: Ideas for primary and secondary classrooms [1]
    Facilitating inquiry based learning in mathematics teacher education [1]
    Geometric growing patterns: what’s the rule? [1]
    Gifted students’ understanding of statistics: analysis of data arising from a small group teaching experiment [1]
    Mathematical under-preparedness: The influence of the pre-tertiary mathematics experience on students’ ability to make a successful transition to tertiary level mathematics courses in Ireland (Pre-published version) [1]
    Mathematics subject matter knowledge (SMK) for teaching at primary level: How much is enough? [1]
    A path analysis of the relationship among critical motivational variables and achievement in reform-oriented mathematics curriculum [1]
    Pre-service primary teachers’ geometric thinking: Is pre-tertiary mathematics education building sufficiently strong foundations? (Pre-published version) [1]
    Providing challenge in pattern work in the infant classes [1]
    Review of the droichead teacher induction pilot programme [1]
    Teaching algebra in the primary classroom: Functions, the function machine [1]
    Using a simulation to explore the law of large numbers [1]
    Using architecture as a context to enhance students’ understanding of symmetry [1]
    Varying your approaches to teaching variables [1]
    What’s a real 2D shape? Designing appropriate geometric instruction [1]