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    Adaptation of English Literature Texts in the Context of the Junior Certificate: A Student-Centred and Theoretical Interrogation. [1]
    The conflict between social identity and religious identity in the work of Jack Kerouac [1]
    The confluence of culture,conflict and commitment in selected modern Palestinian poetry 1948 to 1993: a postcolonial perspective [1]
    Content and Language Integrated Learning in Italian upper secondary schools – A Case Study [1]
    “A Crooked Mark” - An Examination of the Effectiveness of Using Authentic Materials in Teaching Apostrophe Use in an ELT Context. [1]
    Dantean returns in the works of Thomas Stearns Eliot, Eugenio Montale, and Seamus Heaney [1]
    Deconstructive journalism: the influences of Jacques Derrida and Edward Said on the thought and writing of Robert Fisk [1]
    "The distant skin": a deconstructive analysis of women and polysemic touch in the writing of John McGahern and Anne Enright [1]
    An examination of female characterisation in a selection of the novels and short stories of William Trevor through the lens of Simone de Beauvoir [1]
    Exploring Synchronous Online Communication and its Effect on Non-Native Speakers of English [1]
    Fanon's one big idea: Ireland and postcolonial studies [1]
    Feminism for the Chick Lit Generation: Irish Chick Lit and Feminist Theory [1]
    From dolls to demons: exploring categorisations of the female figure in Gothic literature through a selection of nineteenth and twentieth century texts [1]
    The genesis of the Hunter Figure: A study of the dialectic between the biographical and the aesthetic in the early writings of Hunter S. Thompson [1]
    The gravity of oppositions: the life and art of Thomas Hardy [1]
    Hurry up baby son all the boys is finished their breakfast: A socio-pragmatic analysis of Irish settled and Traveller family discourse [1]
    Irish Female Gothic Fiction: A Study of the Fiction of Regina Maria Roche and Sydney Owenson [1]
    Literature’s postmodern condition: representing the postmodern in the translated novel [1]
    Negotiating multimodality in graphic narratives :an exploration of stream of consciousness techniques in Batman: The dark knight returns; Watchmen; and From hell [1]
    Once upon an ideology: exploring the ideologies and identities of female figures through a selection of classic and contemporary fairy tales [1]