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    • Educational disadvantage in Limerick: the socio-economic and spatial context 

      Canny, Angela; McCafferty, Des (Mary Immaculate College, 2007)
      Relationship between educational and social disadvantage particularly strong in Limerick urban area. As well as economic restructuring, this may be due to the spatial concentration of social disadvantage, and the depth of ...
    • Geographical mobility family impacts 

      Canny, Angela; Green, Anne E. (The Policy Press, 2003)
      This study examines the family impacts of geographical mobility, with particular emphasis on employer-initiated relocation. It is hoped that the results from this research will add to the understanding of the impacts on ...
    • Keeping track mapping and tracking vulnerable young people 

      Canny, Angela; Green, Anne E.; Maguire, Malcolm (The Policy Press, 2001)
      The notion of social exclusion, and the need for its existence and effects to be addressed and combated by government social policy, has gained great prominence in recent years, as illustrated by the establishment and work ...
    • Keeping track of vulnerable young people: A policy agenda 

      Canny, Angela; Green, Anne E.; Maguire, Malcolm (Youth and Policy, 2001)
    • Public housing in Limerick City: a profile of tenants and estates 

      McCafferty, Des; Canny, Angela (Limerick City Council, 2005)
      Income poverty is both pervasive and profound among LCC tenant households. Certain groups and areas show a particularly high risk of poverty. Spatial concentration of the poor is exacerbated by estate-specific problems. ...
    • The youth labour market in Cumbria: Employer and young people’s perspectives 

      Canny, Angela; Lindley, Robert (Institute for Employment Research, 2002)
      Significant changes have occurred in the pattern of post-compulsory destinations of young people in England over the past few decades, the most important of which has been the increasing proportion of school leavers ...