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Recent Submissions

  • The concept of shared reading 

    Gardiner-Hyland, Fiodhna (Gulf News, 2005)
  • Story sacks: an exciting way of bringing books to life! 

    Gardiner-Hyland, Fiodhna (I.N.T.O. [Irish National Teachers Organisation], 2007)
  • Toward a culture of reading: four perspectives 

    Gardiner-Hyland, Fiodhna; Beatty, Ken; Hyland, Padraig; Kelly, Kathryn (EERA [Eastern Educational Research Association] / Sage, 2009)
    This article discusses four paths toward the development of a culture of reading, from the perspectives of a teacher educator, a librarian, an educational technologist, and a curriculum developer. Together, these individuals ...
  • Displays for the primary school classroom 

    Gardiner-Hyland, Fiodhna; O'Shea, John (I.N.T.O. [Irish National Teachers Organisation], 2013)
    While traditionally, Irish classrooms have displayed examples of published posters and teacher-generated charts on the walls, with changing constructivist methodologies which value the involvement of pupils, further learning ...
  • Using electronic books to engage young readers 

    Gardiner-Hyland, Fiodhna (I.N.T.O. [Irish National Teachers Organisation], 2013-02)
    Electronic books offer a fun, interactive, multimedia rich approach to sharing stories with children. Although teaching reading has traditionally focused on using conventional printed books, there is a growing shift ...