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    • Counterfactual promises and threats 

      Egan, Suzanne M.; Byrne, Ruth M.J. (Cognitive Science Society, 2004)
      We examine counterfactual conditionals about promises, such as ‘if you had tidied your room then I would have given you ice-cream’ and threats such as ‘if you had hit your sister then I would have grounded you’. Reasoners ...
    • Counterfactual ‘only if ’ conditionals 

      Egan, Suzanne M.; Byrne, Ruth M.J.; García-Madruga, Juan A. (Cognitive Science Society, 2003)
      People understand a conditional, 'if A then B', such as 'if Peg went swimming then she felt well' by keeping in mind only true possibilities, e.g., A and B, not-A and not-B, not-A and B (Johnson-Laird & Byrne, 2002). ...
    • How we undo the past: counterfactual thinking about enablers 

      Egan, Suzanne M.; Frosch, Caren A.; Hancock, Emily N. (PSI [Psychological Society of Ireland], 2010)