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    • Leadership and management skills in a pastoral context 

      Conway, Eamonn (The Columba Press, 2010)
      This paper sets out to explore what can be learned from contemporary secular experiences and practices of leadership and management for pastoral leadership in the church by clergy and laity. It focuses on the dynamics of ...
    • A long way to go 

      Conway, Eamonn (2005)
      The last few weeks have been dark and difficult in the Irish Church. I have heard people, especially priests, say that it has been the most difficult time for them since we started to have to deal with child sexual abuse. ...
    • Meister Eckhart and Jan Van Ruusbroec: a comparison 

      Van Nieuwenhove, Rik (Medieval Philosophy and Theology, 2008)
    • Midwives to the mystery 

      Conway, Eamonn (The Furrow, 1994)
      Christians should be capable of providing a response to people who ask the reason for the hope that they have (1 Peter 3:15). A reason, whatever else it is, is meant to be reasonable. Some thing appears reasonable if it ...
    • Millennium meditations on Irish faith and culture 

      Conway, Eamonn (The Furrow, 2000)
    • Ministry 

      Conway, Eamonn (NY and London: Routledge, 2008)
      While in practice ministry in the Christian churches is flourishing, theologically speaking it is in a state of some disarray at this time. Prior to the Second Vatican Council the term 'ministry' was not common in Roman ...
    • Mother Arsenius and the eye of providence 

      Duffy, Eugene (Columba Press:Dublin, 1994)
    • Nicht nur ein paar faule Apfel. Die Kirche in Irland bleibt durch Kindesmissbrauch gezeichnet 

      Conway, Eamonn (2009)
      Gegen die katholische Kirche in Irland werden in verschiedenen Ermittlungsberichten schwere Missbrauchs-VorwiJrje erhoben. Tausende Kinder sind demnach in kirchlichen Einrichtungen von Ordensleuten und Priestern missbraucht ...
    • The non-ordained in ministry 

      Conway, Eamonn (The Furrow, 1995)
      I have been asked by the Pastoral Commission of CORI (formerly the Conference of Major Religious Superiors) to provide some theological reflections arising out of the results of their survey of non-ordained ministers. ...
    • Of Bishops and Priests 

      Duffy, Eugene (The Furrow, 2006-06)
    • On proclaiming sound doctrine: A Theology of method 

      Duffy, Eugene (The Furrow, 1999)
    • 'Our children, our church': significant problems 

      Connolly, Patrick (The Furrow, 2006)
      When published last December, the document Our Children, Our Church (hereafter OCOC) received a broad welcome. In recent months, however, it has come in for more detailed scrutiny as its practical implications have become ...
    • The Pastoral Area: Pointers Towards a Theological Rationale. 

      Duffy, Eugene (Veritas Publications:Ireland, 2011)
    • The path to self-knowledge 

      Conway, Eamonn (The Furrow, 1998)
      'And some seed fell into rich soil, and growing tall and strong, produced crop' (Mk 4:1-20). A saint's life is like the seed which found rich soil and produced a great harvest. Today we recall the seed which fell on very ...
    • Post-modern Ireland - A Christian response 

      Conway, Eamonn (Veritas, 1998)
    • Presbyteral collegiality: precedents and horizons 

      Duffy, Eugene (The Catholic University of America Press, 2009)
      The fall-out from the child sexual abuse scandals involving clergy has opened up a wide range of significant theological questions for the Roman Catholic Church. Among the many issues that have been raised are: the Church’s ...
    • ‘The price of sparrows’: experiencing God today 

      Conway, Eamonn (Columba Press, 1992)
      Religion is in decline in Ireland. Many questions spring to mind. Why are fewer people experiencing active and involved membership of the Church as fulfilling? Why does the prevailing attitude of the media to the Church ...
    • Priest and Bishop: implications of the abuse crisis 

      Connolly, Patrick (The Furrow, 2006)
      The fall-out from the clergy abuse crisis continues to reverberate, and nobody can even foresee all its long-term implications for the Church. What seems clear is that the crisis shows little sign of abating. One side ...
    • The Priest and clustering: law and practice 

      Connolly, Patrick (Columba Press., 2010)
    • Processes for communal discernment: diocesan synods and assemblies 

      Unknown author (The Catholic University of America Press, 2011)
      Some years ago the English theologian. Nicholas Lash. reflecting on belief in God in contemporary western culture. repeatedly used the image ofa school when referring to the Church. At one point he said. "this, ... is the ...