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    Stay active: The physical activity, ageing and health study [1]
    Story sacks: an exciting way of bringing books to life! [1]
    Strands. Strategies for teachers to respond actively to the needs of children with Down syndrome [1]
    Streets ahead: findings on outdoor play from the growing up in Ireland study [1]
    A Study of French Suburban Discourse from Sociolinguistic and Literary Perspectives. [1]
    SU(5) heterotic standard model bundles (Pre-published version) [1]
    Sub-Recent Changes in Annual Average Water Level in the Shannon Estuary, Western Ireland [1]
    The Subject of Poetry and the Subject of Theory [1]
    Suing the Pope and Scandalising the People: Irish attitudes to sexual abuse by clergy pre- and post-screening of a critical documentary [1]
    Sunday without a Priest [1]
    Supporting enterprise development in rural areas [1]
    Taking the long road [1]
    A Tale of Two Centuries: Power and Influence as Sources of Media Content [1]
    A tale of two schools: educating Catholic female deaf children in Ireland, 1846–1946 (Pre-published version) [1]
    Tales from the Fifth Green Field: The Psychodynamics of Migration, Masculinity and National Identity amongst Republic of Ireland Soccer Supporters in England [1]
    Tales of 'accidental theologians' [1]
    The taphonomy of unmineralised Palaeozoic fossils preserved as siliciclastic moulds and casts, and their utility in assessing the interaction between environmental change and the fossil record [1]
    Tá siad ag teacht: Guinness as a signifier of Irish cultural transformation (Pre-print version) [1]
    "An Táin Bó Cúailigne:" Episode 1 [1]
    "An Táin Bó Cúailigne:" Episode 2 [1]