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    Abstract: Applying results of statistics education research to teaching statistics in Irish primary schools (Pre-published version) [1]
    Abusers, Beasts and Child Molesters: The ABCs of constructing sexual abuse in the Irish print media. [1]
    Academic self-efficacy partially mediates the relationship between Scottish index of multiple deprivation and composite attainment score [1]
    Accumulated versus continuous exercise for health benefit: a review of empirical studies (Pre-published version) [1]
    Accused but innocent - what should a priest do? [1]
    Achieving equity of access to higher education in Ireland, the case for travellers [1]
    Across the margins: cultural identity and change in the Atlantic archipelago by Glenda Norquay and Gerry Smyth [1]
    Active classrooms: Development and evaluation of a movement integration intervention to increase physical activity levels of primary school children [1]
    Active travel to school and physical activity levels of Irish primary school children [1]
    Acute responses of inflammatory markers of cardiovascular disease risk to a single walking session [1]
    Adaptation of English Literature Texts in the Context of the Junior Certificate: A Student-Centred and Theoretical Interrogation. [1]
    Adapting early modern Ireland [1]
    Adeliges und bürgerliches subjekt in Kleists "Penthesilea" beobachtungen zur metainterpretation der protagonistin (pre-print version) [1]
    Adolescents consider the future differently depending on the domain in question: Results of an exploratory study in the United Kingdom (Pre-published version) [1]
    The affordable childcare scheme – parental panacea, or paradoxical ideology? [1]
    Agallamh le Alan de Stac (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Amy Ni Bháile (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Angela Ní Fháthartha (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Ann Craven (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]
    Agallamh le Ann Guiltenane (Bailiúchán Béaloidis) [1]