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    Early Childhood Discourse: Problematising some Conceptual issues in Statutory Frameworks. [1]
    The Early History of Knowth. [1]
    Early Irish Church organisation: the case of Drumlease and the Book of Armagh [1]
    Early Irish Priests and their Areas of Ministry AD 700-900. [1]
    Early Medieval Irish Grave-Slabs and their Inscriptions. [1]
    Early years education-focused inspections: a reason to celebrate? (Pre-published version) [1]
    Earthing the incarnation [1]
    "The East" as a Transit Space in the New Europe? Transnational Train Journeys in Prose Poems by Kurt Drawert, Lutz Seiler and Ilma Rakusa (Pre-published version) [1]
    Ecocriticism [1]
    Editorial: challenges to mean-based analysis in Psychology: the contrast between individual people and general science [1]
    Educating Religiously toward a Public Spirituality [1]
    Educational disadvantage in Limerick: the socio-economic and spatial context [1]
    The effect of a worksite based walking programme on cardiovascular risk in previously sedentary civil servants [1]
    The effects of 60 minutes of brisk walking per week, accumulated in two different patterns, on cardiovascular risk [1]
    Eine Begegnung mit Neil Jordans Film,'The Crying Game'. [1]
    Einstein-Hermitian connection on twisted Higgs bundles (Pre-published Version) [1]
    Elliptic curves – an introduction [1]
    An embedded case study of how knowledge, competences and skills are acquired through coaching, mentoring and training for leadership at an Adult Education Centre in Ireland [1]
    Embracing change: The remodelling of Irish Catholic primary schools in the 21st century (pre-published version) [1]
    Emotional maturity, dispositional coping, and coping effectiveness among adolescent athletes (Pre-published version) [1]