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    • The Epistemology of Nationalism 

      O'Brien, Eugene (Taylor & Francis [Routledge], 1997)
      This article poses a number of questions: Is nationalism an ideology, a philosophy, an epistemology or a faith? Is cultural nationalism a seminal constituent of nationalism in general, or is it just a subset of political ...
    • A Nation Once Again Towards an Epistemology of the Republican Imaginaire 

      O'Brien, Eugene (University College Dublin Press, 2003)
      The epistemological structure of Irish republican ideology is examined through the theoretical perspective of Jacques Lacan. This paper extrapolates this position into a societal and group matrix. The Lacanian imaginary ...
    • Reflections, Misrecognitions, Messianisms and Identifications: Towards an Epistemology of Irish Nationalism 

      O'Brien, Eugene (ABEI Journal: Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies, 2001)
      This essay examines the narrative source of Irish Republican ideology. By contrasting the nationalism and republicanism of the United Irishmen and the IRB of 1916, the contradictions and misrecognitions inherent in ...