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    "Any Catholics among you...?”: Seamus Heaney and the real of Catholicism (Pre-published version) [1]
    "Blut muß ich saufen, es wird vorübergehen!" Herbert Maisch’s Propaganda Film Friedrich Schiller –Triumph eines Genies (1940) [1]
    "Emigrants in the traditional sense?" Irishness in England, contemporary migration, and collective memory of the 1950s (pre-print version) [1]
    "I flirt by insulting people": Exploring the creation and performance of intimacy in 'First Dates (Ireland)' [1]
    "Identities in the writer complexus": Joyce, Europe and Irish identities (Pre-published version) [1]
    "Listen to the Leaves": Derek Mahon's Evolving Ecologies [1]
    "Prison-paradise"?: das internat als entwick-lungsraum in deutschsprachigen romanen nach 1968 [1]
    A "square earthen church of clay" in seventh-century Mayo [1]
    "Tough love": local cross-border collaboration faces the challenges of sustainability'.(pre-published version) [1]
    'Against the rest': fanzines and alternative music cultures in Ireland [1]
    'Angels' with drunken faces? Travelling Republic of Ireland supporters and the construction of Irish migrant identity in England. [1]
    'Because she was a girl': Gender identity and the postcolonial in James Joyce's 'Eveline' [1]
    'Blitzophrenia': Brendan Kennelly's post-colonial vision. [1]
    'Further up and further in': Biblical themes and imagery in C.S. Lewis' The chronicles of Narnia [1]
    'I know something now of my Irish subjects': Castle Rackrent and Maria Edgeworth's imagined communities [1]
    'Is Medea's crime Medea's glory?' Euripides in Dublin. [1]
    'Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse...': Catholicism, deconstruction and postmodernity in contemporary Irish culture (Pre-published version) [1]
    'Make the terror behind greater than the terror in front'? Internal discipline, forced participation, and the I.R.A., 1919–21 (pre-published version) [1]
    'Mercy and righteousness have met': literary structure as key to the centrality of mercy in Romans [1]
    'No longer afraid’ Michael Hartnett’s poems to younger women [1]