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    • Moment estimation of measurement errors 

      O'Driscoll, Diarmuid; Ramirez, Donald E. (NEDETAS, 2011)
      The slope of the best-fit line from minimizing a function of the squared vertical and horizontal errors is the root of a polynomial of degree four. We use second order and fourth order moment equations to estimate the ratio ...
    • Revisiting some design criteria 

      O'Driscoll, Diarmuid; Ramirez, Donald E. (Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2015)
      We address the problem that the A (trace) design criterion is not scale invariant and often is in disagreement with the D (determinant) design criterion. We consider the canonical moment matrix CM and use the trace of its ...
    • Symmetric powers of trace forms on symbol algebras 

      Flatley, Ronan (Université D'Artois, 2013)