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    "Tough love": local cross-border collaboration faces the challenges of sustainability'.(pre-published version) [1]
    Age constraints on Precambrian glaciations and the subdivision of Neoproterozoic time [1]
    Aspects of Socio-Economic Development in Limerick City since 1970: A Geographers Perspective [1]
    Balanced Regional Development Polycentrism and the Urban System of the West of Ireland. [1]
    Case Study 3: South Kerry Development Partnership [1]
    Climate history through the holocene at Lochnagar, Scotland [1]
    Collaborative communities: co-operation among rural municipalities – insights from Spain [1]
    Combating Social Disadvantage in Social Housing Estates:The policy implications of a ten-year follow-up study . [1]
    Communities, collaboration, cohesion and centralization: contemporary insights from rural Ireland [1]
    Community and parish in contemporary Ireland: the challenge of rapid social change [1]
    Complementarities between Urban Centres on the Island of Ireland (NIRSA) Working Paper Series 56. [1]
    Contrasting pelagic plankton in temperate Irish lakes: the relative contribution of heterotrophic, mixotrophic and autotrophic components, and the effects of extreme rainfall events (Pre-published version) [1]
    Cryptic disc structures resembling Ediacaran discoidal fossils from the lower Silurian Hellefjord Schist, Arctic Norway [1]
    Delineating Functional Territories on the Island of Ireland : An Initial Scoping. [1]
    Delivering integrated catchment management through the bottom-up approach: a critical analysis [1]
    Disc-shaped fossils resembling porpitids or eldonids from the early Cambrian (series 2: stage 4) of western USA [1]
    Divided City: the Geography of Post-Celtic Tiger Limerick [1]
    Environmental Justice, Childhood Deprivation and Urban Regeneration. [1]
    European Coastal Management: An Introduction [1]
    Facing the challenge of change: a spatial perspective on Limerick [1]