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    • Torelli theorem for the Deligne-Hitchin moduli space (Pre-published version) 

      Biswas, Indranil; Gómez, Tomás L.; Hoffmann, Norbert; Logares, Marina (Springer Verlag, 2009)
      Fix integers g ≥ 3 and r ≥ 2, with r ≥ 3 if g = 3. Given a compact connected Riemann surface X of genus g, let M DH (X) denote the corresponding SL(r,C) Deligne–Hitchin moduli space. We prove that the complex analytic ...
    • Trace forms of symbol algebras (Pre-published version) 

      Flatley, Ronan (World Scientific Publishing Complany, 2012)
      Let S be a symbol algebra. The trace form of S is computed and it is shown how this form can be used to determine whether S is a division algebra or not. In addition, the exterior powers of the trace form of S are computed.
    • Twistor spaces with a pencil of fundamental divisors 

      Kreussler, Bernd (Documenta Mathematica, 1999)
      In this paper simply connected twistor spaces Z containing a pencil of fundamental divisors are studied. The Riemannian base for such spaces is diffeomorphic to the connected sum nCP2 . We obtain for n 5 a complete ...
    • Which graphs are rigid in lpd? 

      Dewar, Sean; Kitson, Derek; Nixon, Anthony (Springer, 2021-03-13)
      We present three results which support the conjecture that a graph is minimally rigid in d-dimensional ℓp-space, where p∈(1,∞) and p≠2, if and only if it is (d, d)-tight. Firstly, we introduce a graph bracing operation ...