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    'Angels' with drunken faces? Travelling Republic of Ireland supporters and the construction of Irish migrant identity in England. [1]
    Antihero as National Icon? The Contrariness of Roy Keane as Fantasy Embodiment of the ‘New Ireland’. [1]
    Ask Me Another: An evaluation of issues arising from the European Values Survey in relation to questions concerning Technology & Transcendence [1]
    Canadian Multicultural Models: Lessons for Northern Ireland? [1]
    Citizens, Loopholes and Maternity Tourists: Irish Print Media Framing of the 2004 Citizenship Referendum. [1]
    Community Radio and Community Development. [1]
    Community Radio in Ireland (Pre-Published Version) [1]
    Deconstructing Media Reports of Sexual Abuse: An Analysis of Framing in Irish Print Media Coverage of Sexual Abuse 1993-2002.(Pre-Published Version) [1]
    Depraved Paedos and Other Beasts: The Media Portrayal of Child Sexual Abusers in Ireland and the UK [1]
    Diaspora and Rootedness, Amateurism and Professionalism in Media Discourses of Irish Soccer and Rugby in the 1990s and 2000s [1]
    Diego Maradona and the psychodynamics of football fandom in international cinema (Pre-published version) [1]
    Different from their Elders & Betters: Age cohort differences in the Irish data of the EVS. [1]
    Enough Already. Empirical data on Irish Public attitudes to Immigrants, Minorities, Refugees & Asylum Seekers. [1]
    Envy, guilt, symbolic reparation and images of whiteness in contemporary Hollywood sport themed films [1]
    Failure, guilt, confession, redemption? Revisiting unpublished research through a psychosocial lens (Pre-published version) [1]
    Fear of Social Isolation: Testing an Assumption from the Spiral of Silence [1]
    Fear, framing and foreigners: the othering of immigrants in the Irish print media [1]
    Football’s 'coming out' : Soccer and homophobia in England’s tabloid press . [1]
    From Barrytown to Ballymun: The Problematics of Space, Class and Gender in Roddy Doyle’s Family (1994).(Pre-Published Version) [1]
    From the 'Other' Island to the One with 'No West Side': [1]